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make an offering


Starting out the new year, I’m setting the intention of nurturing and sharing my yoga practice. It’s a bit different here in Utah, where the ground is covered with snow, compared to the photo above, taken in Puerto Rico, but the feeling is the same. Standing or sitting with the palms pressed together in anjali mudra is a common way start to a practice. Anjali means offering, and a mudra is a sign or seal. Bringing the palms together in anjali mudra invokes a feeling of reverence. It focuses the awareness at the heart. And it’s a great opportunity to check in with yourself and set an intention for your practice. You can make an offering of energy toward a goal or an ideal, something you want to manifest in your life or in the world. You might make an offering to a person who needs some positive or healing energy, to someone you love, or even to a person you are having trouble with. Whenever you return to this position — either as you’re repeating the sun saluations, or in a transition from one pose to another– each time your palms touch, you can remind yourself of that intention and make your offering again. In the beginning of the practice, when you set your intention, it may not seem attainable, but as you continue to remind yourself of it, it may begin to feel more real. Sort of like reprogramming your brain, infusing it with what you’d like to see more of, and eventually patterns of thought that are destructive or no longer serve you can be replaced by your intention.

My intention in sharing these daily doses of yoga is to bring yoga back into myself, to really live it again. To honor my body as a temple, and recognize it as an entryway into the deeper chambers of my being.

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