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yoga instead of coffee

I know i’ll probably get back on coffee eventually — i always do — but this morning, after just one day off of it, and one day of drinking that spicy master cleanse lemonade goodness, I didn’t want coffee. And the first thing I did, after feeding Pooka, and then walking her, was to roll out my mat and just sit and meditate for a while. And then move into one long luscious yin stretch after another. Not make coffee, or even want to drink it.  That is a minor miracle in itself. I didn’t want to stop.  I think it’s the cleanse.

The last time I tried the master cleanse, I wanted to eat my hand. I was so hungry all the time, even right after drinking the spicy concoction. I couldn’t drink enough, and thought i was going to faint every other second. I felt so crazy-agitated also. 

I don’t know what’s different this time, except that I’m consciously using meditation whenever things get uncomfortable. Except that now that I’m thinking about it, I’m starting to get hungry. back to the mat.

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