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Where we met

It doesn’t get easier, this business of learning a friend has died. The last time I communicated with Felicia, she posted something on my Facebook wall. I had said “happy birthday, beautiful woman!” on her wall. She wrote back that she wasn’t feeling well, due to chemo. I never wrote back. Sucks to hear she died.

Felicia came to my yoga classes when she had the strength. She had a fierce energy. While feeling sad today, I decided to reframe the way I looked at her death. Yes, I am sad she died. But then I thought how grateful I am to have known her and shared her energy.

I went to a yoga class and lost it in savasana. The teacher played “Fields of Gold” during savasana. “You’ll remember me when the west wind blows across the fields of barley.” There’s a version that goes “you’ll remember me when the west wind moves among the fields of the islands,” so appropriate, because her memory is woven into Puerto Rico: the caribbean sea, tropical trees — palms, flamboyans, mangoes and bananas, yoga to the sound of the ocean.

She so wanted to live. She sold her house to try an experimental treatment in Germany. It seemed to be working. Cancer is such a bitch.

I wish I could be there for her memorial service. I’m grateful to have known her.

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a #yogadork tale

are you a #yogadork?

My #yogadork tank came, just in time for the second workshop with Simon Park @flowyogaslc yesterday. I love it – it’s long, almost like a minidress.

Simon started us with some tai chi energy cultivation. Less than five minutes into class, in the middle of a sentence, he stopped and said, “I love your shirt! How many of you are yogadorks?” Lots of hands went up.

Just a suggestion though: I think they run a little big. After hours of intense asana, including working toward jumping into handstand, and gracefully jumping back into chaturanga from handstand (ha!) we were all drenched. The last half hour or so we paired up for some assisted stretching, a la Thai yoga. Deepening baddha konasana by grounding our partners’ thighs, practically flying in ardha chandrasana (with a hand clasping a foot behind our backs, and our partners supporting us in a beautiful backbendy opening there), and then lifting from bakasana to handstand. The combination of a loose shirt getting even bigger through sweat ended in a bit of, uh, flashing Simon and my partner. It’s all in the yogadork family, I guess.

So, try your shirt maybe one size smaller than you think. 🙂

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a yoga playlist

IMG_1614I never used to play music in my classes. For the first five years of my teaching, I taught at the ocean. Who needed anything else besides the sound of waves, of palm trees rustling in the wind, or even silence?

Now that I teach in a studio, I’m loving the playlist. It sets the mood for class, and helps me remember what I want to focus on teaching.

Here’s the latest:

Heart Sutra Soulshine 4:54 Wah! Love Holding Love New Age 25 9/13/09 9:02 AM
Indian Motorcycles 5:33 Sonorous Star The Rough Guide To Indian Lounge World 3 9/13/09 9:08 AM
Maha Deva 4:56 Wah! Love Holding Love New Age 35 9/14/09 8:07 AM
Ma Chant (Kali) 4:21 Wah! Love Holding Love New Age 38 9/14/09 8:27 AM
Deus Suite – Ascension 6:56 Electric Skychurch Together Electronica/Dance 7 9/13/09 9:19 AM
Sacred Patterns 4:45 Wah! Love Holding Love New Age 31 9/12/09 6:56 PM
You’re My Flame 3:16 Zero 7 The Garden Electronica/Dance 7 9/12/09 10:39 AM
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1 4:46 The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Alternative 26 9/12/09 5:34 PM
Endless Horizon (I Love Bob Mix) 3:13 Electric Skychurch Moog (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) Soundtrack
Are You a Hypnotist?? 4:45 The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Alternative 8 9/12/09 5:53 PM
It’s Summertime 4:20 The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Alternative 20 9/12/09 5:57 PM
Unconditional 4:51 Wah! Love Holding Love New Age 25 9/12/09 7:12 PM
Ma Chant (Savasana) 2:48 Wah! Love Holding Love New Age 32 9/14/09 8:22 AM
Helpless 4:03 Patti Smith Twelve Alternative & Punk 32 9/12/09 9:54 PM
Protection 7:52 Massive Attack Protection Electronica/Dance 5 2/18/09 1:25 PM
Brand New World 5:31 Cowboy Junkies At The End Of Paths Taken Country 17 9/12/09 11:10 AM
Magpie to the Morning 2:44 Neko Case Middle Cyclone (Bonus Track Version) Alternative 48 9/12/09 9:43 PM

Heart Sutra Soulshine  Wah!

Indian Motorcycles Sonorous Star

Maha Deva Wah!

Ma Chant (Kali)  Wah!

Deus Suite – Ascension Electric Skychurch

Sacred Patterns Wah!

You’re My Flame  Zero 7

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1  The Flaming Lips

Endless Horizon (I Love Bob Mix)  Electric Skychurch

Are You a Hypnotist??  The Flaming Lips

It’s Summertime  The Flaming Lips

Unconditional Wah!

Ma Chant (Savasana) Wah!

Helpless  Patti Smith

Brand New World  Cowboy Junkies

By Thy Grace  Snatam Kaur


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